Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Soccer!!

Here are some photos of Sawyer and Quinn playing spring soccer.

"Throw it to me please!"

Love this smile!!

Cute Quinny....

with their coach Heather!!

Wouldn't be a game without the fans :)

Ice cream cone for scoring a goal!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reese 2 days old!

Meeting her cousin, Ashley.

 With Uncle Jordan

 And Aunt Teri

 Aunt Jacki made her this sweet blanket....

 Cutting the bands off to go home....

She looks so tiny in that car seat!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reese is here!!

It's quiet here in the hospital with just me and little Reese. Josh went to get the boys and take them to Sawyer's soccer game. Reese is asleep in a boppy by my feet and I could just eat her up she is so cute!!

But instead, I thought I would take the time to post some amazing photos of yesterday. It was a scheduled c-section (since I was unsuccessful having a VBAC with Finn), so we have known that she would be born yesterday for the last 6 weeks...which was VERY nice. A definite plus to having a c-section.

We had to be here by 5:30am....

All checked in, in my ever-so-attractive warming gown and ready to go.

And Josh making sure he has food in his one likes a fainter! Especially a wife giving birth.....

We ended up using the entire 2 hours before the surgery was scheduled at 7:30am, which was a surprise. Josh and I kind of guessed we would be sitting around waiting, but there was plenty of things to get done before they wheeled me into the OR. Our surgeon (Dr. Carter) had moved the surgery back to 8pm for some reason, so we did end up with an extra 15-20 minutes of time to just relax before we headed in, but that was fine. My mom and Josh got all dressed in their scrubs, hat and booties while I was in the OR getting my spinal and being "prepped" for surgery. Finally we were ready and they brought Josh and my mom in....she was my photographer (and more moral support!!)

I had mentioned to my mid-wife that I would really like to watch them pull her out and was there anything they could do to make that happen. She looked surprised when I asked and said no one had ever asked her that before, but she would see what she could do. When we got into the OR, we spoke with my Nurse Anesthetist and he okay'd them dropping the drape so I could see her for the first time with everyone else. It was AMAZING! My nurse, who has been working here for 14 years, had never seen this done before. It was pretty incredible and my mom got some great photos!

Pulling Reese out!! This was my view from the table! I loved seeing her come amazing! Usually, you are behind the drape and they wipe the baby down quick and you get a brief glance before they take them over to the warmer to be checked. I got to watch my mid-wife cut the cord and cool!!

Another great shot!

Over at the warmer....7 lbs. 15 oz. and she was 20.5 in long

Dad holding her for the first time

Mom gets to see her close up

Keeping one eye on Daddy the whole time....

Check out those lips and the eyebrows! She has Sawyer's little mouth with slightly bigger lips, but Soy made this pose famous the first week of his life...we love it!

Even a bigger pouty face!!

Me and my sweet girl!

My awesome mid-wife holding her for the first time!

I finally get to hold her as they wheel me back to my room

She's checkin' me out!!

Just a couple hours old here

Soy and Finno waiting to meet her!

Oh man! I hope she's ready to go home to these 2!!

I can no longer say just "my boys"

Bath time

All cleaned up!

Meeting her cousins.....

Couldn't resist posting this little guy!! Such a cutie!!

So excited to have a baby sister!!

Literally has NO CLUE that he is now a middle child! :)

The day is almost do we look???

And some more from today....

Thanks everyone for the well wishes! We are so glad she is finally here!!